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Table Top Navigational Rally

Practice and Improve with Fellow Enthusiasts!

Attention all navigation enthusiasts! Join us for a Table Top Navigational Rally, a dedicated practice session designed to sharpen your navigating skills. This event is open to members from our club as well as enthusiasts from other clubs.

Open to All Club Members: This rally welcomes participants from our club and other clubs who are eager to enhance their navigating abilities. Whether you’re a seasoned navigator or new to the concept, this event provides a great opportunity to refine your skills.

How It Works: Participants will receive a set of instructions and a tabletop map, allowing for practical navigation exercises. This is an ideal environment for practicing precision in route planning and improving overall navigation techniques.

Join the Rally for Practice: Bring your passion for navigating, a willingness to learn, and enjoy an evening of focused practice with a diverse group of fellow enthusiasts. No prizes, just the satisfaction of honing your skills in a supportive environment


29 Jan 2024


9:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Hare & Hounds


Hare & Hounds
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